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Down South Part 2...

Ah...just reminiscing about my vacation makes me want another one. This one was kinda a "working" vacay. I need a relaxing...doing nothing but lying by a pool...vacay.

I'm thinking it just might be time to go back to Florida. Hmmmm...I'm a thinking so! Orlando...Winter Park, to be more specific. Take a stroll down Park Ave, eat a 1/2 a grapefruit that is exorbitantly over-priced but hey...I didn't have to cut it!..., take a dip in the lake, eat at Hot Olives or Dexter's, and of course take the Princess to see Cinderella...live. Yup, I think it's time.

SO! I'm going to throw this out. I MIGHT be convinced to block out some of my vacation for some photo sessions. So if any of you Floridians are interested...let me know! I'd love to meet you all!

Anywhoo...enough about me wanting to swim in the ocean again, lets get on to some pictures!

First up, Uncle Paul and Aunt Janie....

Aren't they cute...? I'll answer that one really fast...heck yes! They're also two of the funniest people we know. Hilarious is the proper term.

Next up...some pretty proud grandparents.

And some pretty happy grandkids...I mean come on, look at little Jade's smile?

Next? The whole clan...

Yup...they are some pretty people!

Now how 'bout just the kids?

Alicia's face in that one? Priceless...totally priceless.

She really can make me laugh like no one else. So pretty...inside and out. We love you Alicia!

And we'll leave you tonight with this beautiful girl...

And stay tuned! Pics of the boys and their wives and Cherie's hot mama shoot are up next!!!

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