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Part 2 of the Spider Story...

My friend reminded me that I forgot to finish my spider story.

Ok...so part 2.

That very same day as the spider escapade. I was upstairs sitting on the couch using the laptop and all of a sudden I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I looked down and...........

............it was ANOTHER spider!!!!

It wasn't quite as big as the one from earlier that morning but this thing was quite large as well. The morning spider was about as big as a silver dollar and the night time spider was the size of a quarter. These things were HUGE!!!!!

I whipped my feet up and just froze.

Luckily it was 9:10 or so and the Hubs was coming up the stairs from work. I immediately called him and the spider didn't move.

But as soon as the Hubs said "What?"...the spider made a run for it.

It ran under the couch and I jumped to the piano bench. The Hubs came in and we tore that living room apart but the bugger got away.

TWO spiders escaped in ONE day!!!!!!! And BIG spiders at that!

Then....the next day....

Part 3 will be tomorrow.

So today I've been really retrospective in regards to our little girl. We sat down today and had a little tea party with her dolls and stuffed animals. It really struck me that my baby is not a baby anymore...she's a little girl. All hint of baby is gone.

It made me want to look back so here are some pics of the Princess...keep in mind that these pictures are prior to me learning my camera or they were shot by the Hubs. But I love them. :)

On her 1/2 birthday. My bald 6 month old...

Her first bed head... and her I've just woken up look. Quite possibly one of my fav's ever. :)

Just playing on the couch with daddy...

Learning to enjoy tummy time.

Cute little piggies!!! They're not so little anymore... :(

Why do babies have to grow so fast?

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Natalia said...

Way scary! And I miss Claire. :) You guys are both so cute in that picture when she was six months old.

How have you been doing? We haven't talked in forever. :) I hope all is well and that things are going great for you and your family.

Talk to you later! :)