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The Rest of Sarah's Sneak... :)

So the day we were supposed to do these maternity pictures I was so excited. I brought my snazzy chair and we were going to go into a field and take some durned cool shots.

I decided to head out there early though just to make sure everything would work. Good thing I did. The field was completely saturated with water.


It was a mud field. Gross. So I had to find a different location on the spur of the moment and luckily we found a pretty cool one. Whew!

And luckily...Jeff and Sarah are really great people. Seriously. They're the kind of people you wish all of your clients are like. They were totally cool with whatever and were just fine with sitting on the ground, or on a rock, or on a bridge...

And Sarah...such a beautiful mommy to be. Totally wish I looked like that when I was 8 months along. Take a look at these pics...I know they give me hope that maybe I can be pretty when I'm pregnant. :)

Ok Sarah...here's the rest of your sneak. I'll get you your CD and then you can see the rest of them. :)


The Clark's said...

Its so fun to see pictures of people I know! They look gorgeous as always!

Terah said...

The one of her on the bridge kind of out of focus is so cool! I really like the top one too. Very cute!