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I love twins. I just think they're so durned cute! I always wished I had a twin...probably because I thought it would be a sister. I didn't know there were boy/girl twins for the LONGEST time...probably till I was about 10. I know I'm probably destined to have twins since my grandfather was a twin, my aunt had twins, his sister had 5 sets of twins...yes, 5. So ours is the kind that does not skip a generation. It just keeps going. I always thought I wouldn't mind having twins. Then my baby started to crawl. Now keeping up with her is work enough...I can't imagine chasing two.

This is the T family. You have Daddy T and Mommy T and little girl T and little boy T. Little girl T and little boy T are twins. Evidently T stands for two. They are two of the cutest twins I have possibly ever seen.

This picture just shows little girl T's spunky personality. LOVED it! She was so much fun!

And this shows what little boy T did pretty much the whole time. He has decided he is camera shy and you know what? I thought it was pretty durned cute.

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