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Playing around with textures...

I've decided to start experimenting with textures. I think I'm going to get addicted. :) Oh my goodness are they fun! And...I've decided to chronicle my texture journey on the blog. So, as embarrassing as it may be...I'm going to post my texture experiments here.

Ok...so these are some of the very first pictures I EVER shot. So I know they're definitely NOT perfect...by any means...but they provided the perfect pictures to play with. I would have gone out and taken some new pics...but I'm lazy today and just want to veg inside. :) It's one of those days where you just layer as many layers as you can on because you always feel cold. So I'm not going out into the snow just to snap a couple pics when I had these readily available. Haha! Lazy...I know. Especially since I have dishes to do and laundry to put away and I'm playing with photoshop. Any of you ever do that???

Anywhoo...so here they are. My first two experiments with textures. Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Do you like textures? Or do you find them too distracting...? Cause I think I'm kinda hooked..... Also, if you use textures, where do you find them? Do you make your own or do you download them from somewhere and which is your favorite? I got the textures I used from this post. I highly recommend them. :)

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