Hi...my name is Ellie and I love cinnamon rolls, gummy bears, rain, green grass, fuzzy bunnies and my beeeeeautiful family. But also...I totally love my photography. I love meeting new people and sharing my photography with them. I can be pretty goofy and I'm not afraid to make a fool of myself to get that perfect smile. Take a peek around and don't be afraid to leave some blog love...comments are quite possibly my favorite part of blogging. I love hearing what people think. Oh...and feel free to ask questions too!

Jeremy + Natalia: They're ENGAGED!

Oh Natalia you beautiful girl you. You might remember her from this post. Well...she's getting married! And I was lucky enough to take her pictures. Here they are!

PS - Please ignore my centering issues.  Blogger has decided it hates me and I've been fighting it ALL.DAY.

Thank you.  :)

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Natalia said...

I LOVE THEM!!! AHHHH!!! I'm so excited to get my DVD with all of these pictures!!! :D :D :D!!!

Chrissie said...

Awwww cute :)