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Amber and Todd Wedding Day...

...it was so pretty!

The perfect weather...the perfect couple...the perfect lighting...

Just a perfect day!

So here are just a few from that day.

First...You all know how much I love details. Amber's bouquet was beautiful but it was also soooooooooooooo unique! I LOVED it! Can anyone name those green spikey flowers?

Um, if you said artichokes, you'd be correct.

ARTICHOKES!!! I would never have guessed! They were so cool and looked so so pretty in all the flower arrangements.

I think this one is my favorite of the day. I just love it. They're so sweet together...

And Todd is such a funny guy. Every session I had with them he had his cell phone out. Um, I think Todd texts more than anyone I know.

K...and we tried EV.ER.Y.THING to get her to crack a smile... Nada. But I thought it still turned out really cute. :)

And what a beautiful wedding party.

I am such a sucker for daddy/daughter dances. Seriously. And these two...? They actually danced. It wasn't just a slow dance...there were actual dance steps and twirling...but this pic was my favorite.

So there are just a few. I love weddings. They're each so individual and beautiful. They each showcase the love two people have for each other and the joy of a new family. Thanks for letting me share your day you two! Congratulations!

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