Hi...my name is Ellie and I love cinnamon rolls, gummy bears, rain, green grass, fuzzy bunnies and my beeeeeautiful family. But also...I totally love my photography. I love meeting new people and sharing my photography with them. I can be pretty goofy and I'm not afraid to make a fool of myself to get that perfect smile. Take a peek around and don't be afraid to leave some blog love...comments are quite possibly my favorite part of blogging. I love hearing what people think. Oh...and feel free to ask questions too!

Am I Scary?

Just wondering because no one seems brave enough to comment. I know there are quite a few people who read my blog because I've heard people reference it but I have no idea who...other than my faithful 3 followers. :) So just wondering...who are you? It really doesn't matter if I know you or not...I mean, what are blogs for? I've always thought they're for random strangers to get to know each other. Haha! I promise I don't bite... the Princess does, but not me. Go ahead...you know you want to! Just leave me a little note and who knows? Maybe we'll become blog buddies! It'll be fun...I promise!

Anywhoo...this is S. S is fun! I photographed her at the same place as N because I really do love it. That and her scarf matched the colors PERFECTLY!!!! Ah...I love my job. She was so great because she was seriously up for anything. Well...after she warmed up a bit. I love when I go back to edit...I can always tell which ones were the first pictures because they're always a bit forced. Then when they loosen up and get used to me saying "Work it! Yeah! Oh...you're hot!" they start to (according to S) "channel their inner Tyra." This session was great though because she let me be all artsy...check out the first picture. What do you think it is that I'm shooting through? Took my brother a couple of guesses...SO MUCH FUN!

Well S...there you go! Hope you like 'em! I LOVED all the color!


Heather said...

"Inner Tyra" I love it! And this girl can definitely 'smile with her eyes' as well as her lips (like Tyra says.) Love these!

Terah said...

I love the color too!! Nice job.

...Ashlee... said...

L.O.V.E!!!! the color in this one! and the one after her, actually... good job! Oh, and your little girl is so sweet. I love the pictures :)