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My Baby

I know most of you already know that seeing as I posted a picture on my photo blog last week but here is his hospital birth story...in pictures.

Most people hire photographers to do this but since I am INSANELY private...there ain't no way (pardon the horrid grammar) I was letting someone into that room other than those that just had to be there. And lucky me...I have a husband who is a fantastic photographer himself (he second shoots with me at weddings) and who felt like he needed a job. So I handed him the camera and said get to work!

So we get all settled in and as luck would have it...my OB was actually at the hospital. Not at the clinic where she normally is on a Weds morning. So not only could she approve my induction...she came in and broke my water. Nice. So that happened at 9:30 and the pit drip started at 10:30.

So that's when things got pretty boring. Until Jeri showed up. Jeri was a research nurse and since my water had been broken...apparently I qualified to participate in a study of a new machine. It's been in use in Europe for years and years and for some reason is just now making it to the states. You can put a node directly on the baby's head and it monitors the baby's blood gasses which helps prevent unnecessary C-sections. So if baby's heart rate drops it's assumed right now that baby doesn't have enough oxygen. This machine will tell you if that is in fact the case. I thought that was pretty cool so Hubs and I said sure. Plus we got paid $25. :)

So without any further adieu...meet Stan (He's the one on the right).

Then we just watched a movie. Sense and Sensibility. Really...the hospital's collection of DVD's is quite sad. I highly suggest bringing your own.

And then I had a contraction. And it hurt. Bad.

I was going to wait a while and just see what labor actually felt like. Um, no thank you! If that one contraction hurt that bad...I really couldn't see the point of putting myself through all of that unnecessary pain. So I called for my epidural.

With my first baby...I had Dr. Silver. Oh blessed man. He injects the IV while the patient is laying down and on their side. This time...I don't know the man's name...the guy had me sit up and hunch over a pillow...during a contraction. Really? You expect me to sit perfectly still while I'm sitting up and hunched over and that contraction really hurt. Grrrrrrr...

But in the end it all worked out. The epi kicked in and life was oh so happy again.

Jeri came back in to hook up Stan now that I had had my epi and then suggested a new position that would really get labor hopping. She put me on my side and then put my leg up in a stirrup. This was at about 12:10...

And then 20 minutes later they repositioned me on the other side in the same position.

When they checked me before the epidural, I was at a 3. After being in this position for about another 30-40 minutes...I started feeling intense pressure. I told the nurse and she checked and sure enough...I was a 10. After being started only 3 hours earlier.

I don't think either Hubs or I was ready for that. We looked at each other in shock! We were expecting a 4 or 5:00 baby and here it was about 1:00.

So they put me on my back and stopped the pit drip and started getting everything ready!

Well...they called my DR and she was at Ogden Regional Hospital at a C-section. The exact same thing happened last time. My OB is one busy lady (speaking of busy..she just got back from hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro...and her husband wants to go climb some other huge mountain. Yeah...crazy stuff). So she said she'd be there in about 30 minutes so I just breathed through the pressure to push.

Oh...and Hubs needed something to do so he held my hand. :)

Finally Karen got there and they hooked the pit back up because my contractions had slowed. After a few more minutes we started pushing and after 2 sets of pushes...our little boy was born.

He shocked us all by having dark hair...and actually having hair! He was born with the perfect amount of hair for a little faux hawk.

I was (and am) quite happy about that. :)

Needless to say...we are completely smitten. He's such a wonderful, chill little guy and we just love him so much.

So that is his story. A 4 hour labor...start to finish. Easy peasy baby. We are pretty lucky people. :)

The rest of the pics are just him during and after his bath...which they did in my room. LOVE McKay-Dee. :)

And a couple from when we got home...cause I couldn't resist. :)


Anna said...

I love these pictures! SO cute!

Raquel Caro said...

He's adorable! He looks a lot like you in that last image. Thats awesome that it all was only 4 hours! Oh, and I love all the pictures you took.

Aunt Karen said...

Thanks for sharing it was almost like being there. Hope to meet him soon.

The Clark's said...

Darling little boy! Congratulations! I love all your pictures! So jealous!

Bry and Meliss said...

So cute!!! What a handsome little guy! Happy happy for you!!