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My Princess at 2

Oh my little princess. My sweet little girl is actually turning three next month. I thought it was about time to post her two year old pictures.

I had a really hard time finding the time and energy and location to take her pictures. Since I was working so much and when I was home I just wanted to chill and be with my family...the thought of taking time to go somewhere and take pictures just was really daunting to me. Having to plan her outfit and keep her perfect...now I know what my clients go through. I can take their pics no problem but keeping my two year old happy was a different story.

Then I realized...I didn't want "staged" pictures of her in a perfect outfit and all of that. I wanted pictures that represented who she is at this point in her life...

and what she is right now is my little firecracker. Keeping her still longer than .06 seconds is pretty much impossible. This little girl is a mover and a shaker...with her own view on everything.

Like in church...during the part where everyone is completely silent...when I lean over and whisper for her not to pick her nose because it's gross and the whole ward hears "Mommy...I HAVE to pick my nose!"

Well...at least she knows to wipe whatever she finds on a tissue.

Or the time when I went to go do her hair only to get my hand slapped away and hear "Mommy, you can't do my hair...I'm blond!"

Apparently since I am NOT blond...I can't touch her hair.

Yes...this girl is a goof....

with a capitol G...

...but underneath that goofy exterior is one of the sweetest little people I know.

Someone who can make me tear up just because she put her hand on my cheek and told me she thinks I'm beautiful. Despite the fact that I'm hugely pregnant and swollen.

She is someone who introduces me as her mommy and her best best best best best friend.

She is someone who will not let me leave unless I give her a great big hug and kiss.

She is someone who, when playing with her dolls (mostly her baby and her dinosaurs), will give them hugs and kisses and say, "It's all right honey, I'm here." You never know what they'll pick up until you hear them play with their toys.

She is someone who is the life of the party. And she knows it.

And yet...she makes sure others are included and is constantly making sure other kids have their turn.

She won't give me a real smile in pictures...

But as soon as she sees her dad, she sure lights up.

So yes...she keeps us on her toes.

I never know what she's going to say in public.

I never know when she's going to yell "HI DADDY!" in church.

I never know if today is an eating or non-eating day.

I never know if I'll be able to touch her hair since she is blond and I am not.

But I know I'm her best friend.

I know that her smile when I get her out of bed in the morning is enough to light my entire day.

I know the kisses I get when I stub my toe are enough to carry me through anything.

I know the sweet little things she says when I'm getting ready for the day totally make my entire week.

I know she's going to be an amazing big sister...

And I'm so incredibly grateful I get to be her mommy.

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The Clark's said...

What a beautiful tribute to your daughter.