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A Jump Start on Christmas...

Wowsas...I can't believe it's already November
Where on earth did time go this year?  Honestly!

So with November comes planning...

Planning for gifts, gathering addresses, figuring out your Christmas schedule and how on earth you're going to fit in all the different houses you have to go to...really, I thought Christmas was supposed to be a take it easy kind of holiday.  Not so much for us.

As much as it pains me to talk about Christmas before Thanksgiving (the oft forgotten holiday in the hulabaloo that stores do for Christmas), I just wanted to show you my latest Christmas card creations just in time for ordering...

So you can have them all ready the day after Thanksgiving to send out.

Or, if you're like me...I like to wait until December 1st so that Thanksgiving is officially over.

Poor neglected holiday...


Here they are!

$15 per design

Fun and sassy...




All the cards are completely customizable. You can change color, fonts...pretty much whatever.

Here's how it works. You send me the picture/s you want added to the card. I throw it in with your text and email you a proof within 24 hours. When proof is approved...you get the digital file to print to your heart's content. OR! I can order them through my printer (recommended) and then they get shipped to your house. I highly recommend that 'cause then we can have some fun with the paper. I'm printing mine off on a really beautiful metallic cardstock that is honestly stunning.

So there we go.  Last mention of Christmas until well...December!

Except for this.  If you're waiting to get those family pictures done...you don't have much more time left!!!  Schedule your family session so you can get the beautiful updated picture out with your cards!

Ok...I'm officially done with Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

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