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L's Head Shots...

K...so L here has won a spot in a competition similar to America's Got Talent. He plays the violin AMAZINGLY. He can play almost any fiddling song or can do classical pieces that will make you cry. He's awesome. Well...for this final round he had to provide a head shot. And being like most guys...he didn't have one because he hates having his picture taken. We went out into his parent's backyard though and got some good ones. Good Luck L!!! And congrats for making the final 16 people!!!!

(he didn't know I took this picture and it totally turned out to be everyone's favorite. he was laughing cause I told him to look serious. it was great!)


America's Got Talent said...


You're a good photographer.

Heather said...

He looks awesome! The performance is June 13th and if anyone wants tickets, they're only $5. http://tickets.davisarts.org/eventperformances.asp?evt=597